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Ripples of Kindness begin with SELF-KINDNESS...

Self-kindness is powerful. It creates a ripple which doesn't end just with us. Every one of our thoughts & actions has a ripple effect. Every purchase we make. Every beauty or personal care product we use is either kind or unkind to our bodies. Our product choices and the companies we support also affects other people, animals, the environment.

Which is why we at Rippling Kindness sell only the highest quality, best performing beauty tools and personal care products containing pure and natural ingredients. We're proud that every product you buy from our shop will not only be kind to you and help you to LOOK BEAUTIFUL ON THE OUTSIDE, but will also help you to share in the joy of being kind to others. A % of what you spend on Rippling Kindness products goes to make life better for someone else too, helping you to FEEL BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE.

After all, true beauty does come from within :)

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