What We Are About

We believe in and practice kindness. Kind to people. Kind to animals.

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. And experience great joy.  

When you buy a product in the Rippling Kindness store, 10% of the profits goes to one of the charities and social enterprises we support.

With every order you receive a free Ripple Stone. We encourage you to give this stone to the next person you do a Random Act of Kindness for - and ask them to pass it on. Thus starting your very own ripple of kindness :)

The list of charities and social enterprises we support is growing daily. Some examples  are:

Such a thrill to be able
to do something small
to help a wonderful
organisation like Small
Acts Big Change 
- we
contributed 20 Clyppi
Nail Clippers to
their We Care Kits 
which are handed out
to the homeless around
LA, California.



Our monthly contribution educates children and provides life-saving tools for their entire families.

We are excited to be in the process of adopting our very own 
RipplingKindness donkey!

Our son Stuart (pale blue teeshirt) in the Delhi slums as part of an ASHA charity project. They went to redecorate the resource center and to teach English but ended up receiving so much more than they gave... Stuart's trip was funded by RipplingKindness