Clyppi Nail Art Brushes Set

Product Description
  • NAIL ART PROFESSIONALS SELECTION - Every item has been carefully selected so that this set includes only the highest quality & most useful Brushes & the best Dotting Tool sizes.

  • INCLUDES CARE & TIPS CARD - how to clean your brushes & dotting pens and keep them in good condition, what to use each brush for and some nail design ideas

  • PERFECT GIFT - Girls, Teens & Women will love the pretty colors of the brushes and the sparkly silver pouch

  • HIGH QUALITY - Unlike many other low cost, low quality nail brushes, these brushes will not fall apart and the bristles will not fall out. Buy quality once or buy cheaply multiple times?

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will refund you your money - no questions asked.


Nail Art Brushes Set by CLYPPI

Every item in this nail art kit has been carefully selected by a professional nail technician so that it includes the highest quality & most useful brushes and dotting tools for creating beautiful nail designs.

CLYPPI Nail Art 
• Striper: For vertical and horizontal lines 
• Detailer: For intricate work and delicate flowers 
• Angular: For greater control when drawing at a slant 
• Small Shader: For backgrounds and smaller images 
• Larger Shader: For backgrounds and larger images 
• Fan: For an airbrushed effect use this to streak color on the nail. Various colors can be blended and colors can be layered in gradual tones. Also used to apply glitter.

CLYPPI Dotting

As well as making dot designs and flowers they can be used to mix and blend colors together in interesting designs.


For building gel tips. Also useful for french manicures.

CLYPPI Acrylic

For detailing tasks as well as mixing acrylic liquid and crystal powder.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - the risk is on us!

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